couscous is marvelous.  it can be prepared and ready to eat in 10 minutes, it's a great side dish or a meal in itself, and you can add just about anything to it!  today's recipe is couscous with corn and various spices. 

(this was made to be stuffed into bell peppers (recipe coming soon!).  but i made lots of extra couscous for leftovers.  you know me, always thinking ahead.)


seaweed salad


i had my first bite of seaweed salad while on vacation in hawai'i and have been wanting to eat it again ever since!  i finally had the courage to try to replicate the dish, and here it is!  i think it came out spot on!


buttermilk pie


I usually don't brag about my baking, but this buttermilk pie recipe is a smash EVERY time.  If I ever need to bring a simple, fast, mouth-watering dish to a potluck; it's this one.  I suggest you go ahead and make one right now so you'll believe me.  Oh, and it's GREAT with a cup of coffee in the morning.