need a pre-dinner snack?  then try these little cucumber bites.  they are the perfect refreshing spring time snack.
> Ingredients:
1 cucumber, slightly peeled
1/2 package of cream cheese, softened
1 tbs garlic, minced (or less if you don't want it too garlic-y)
1 tsp lemon juice
fresh herbs (I used chives and cilantro)

> Directions:
- Peel cucumber leaving a few stripes of peel (for decoration purposes).
- Cut cucumber into 1 inch slices.
- Mix together the cream cheese, garlic, and lemon juice to make the filling.
- Scoop a small spoonful of filling onto each cucumber slice.
- Garnish with herbs.
- Chill in fridge until your ready to devour them!

Other fresh herbs you could use are parsley, thyme, dill, marjoram, oregano,  basil, or anything else you have on hand.  You could also add salt and pepper if you wish.  If you don't want to use a cream cheese filling, this tahini sauce recipe would taste amazing on little cucumber bites as well.

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