Ooey gooey moist melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownies.  This is the BEST brownie recipe I've ever made.  I would even go as far to say that these brownies are my 'signature dish'.  Whenever I need to bring something to a gathering, I'm always asked to bring these spectacular brownies!  But don't just take my word for it, go make some!


Plum Tartelettes


Single serving plum tartelette desserts: yummmm!  I have never baked plums before, and I found that they taste a lot like peaches once they are done.  Since I love peaches too, it turned out swell!  I guess you'll have to try making it and see what you think: do the plums taste like plums or peaches?

This oil-based pie crust recipe makes a crunchy-crumbly sort of crust.  I love using it for cream and fruit pies.  It's a good recipe to keep handy!

Instant oatmeal: my new obsession! It is a great neutral breakfast to have before a day full of hiking, scuba diving, or any active event.  You can eat it plain or add any fruit you can imagine. 

Sometimes you just need a refreshing bite of sushi.  A lot of people forget that you can make sushi without fish.  So when you don't have fish on hand, don't fret!  Make a veggie sushi roll!