Kale Chips


Want a healthy snack that you can eat guilt free?  Try these crunchy baked kale chips!  Super simple to make and perfect for a little snack before dinner.

Pho: a vietnamese noodle soup that is usually served with beef or chicken.  This time I chose to omit the beef or chicken, but they can be easily added if you want them!  The noodles used are made from rice flour and can be purchased in different widths.  I used a wide noodle for this Pho recipe.

I've been eating a lot of granola lately for breakfast.  Trying to make healthier meals (with less salt, butter, eggs and such).  Granola tastes especially yummy when combined with plain yogurt and fruit (I've been eating sliced peaches and apricots).


Cherry Tart


This starry little cherry tart is perfect for a good-sized dessert for one or sweet little treat for two to share.  You can even substitute with strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries if you prefer.