Lemon Cookies


This recipe may be the best cookie recipe I've ever used!  As with all cookies, they taste the best right out of the oven.  But I was surprised how moist and fluffy they still tasted a week later.  Lemon cookies are the perfect springtime cookie.

Hummus.  Yes, homemade hummus.  Need I say more?  You can garnish hummus with many things.  In this recipe I use roasted red pepper and a bit of minced parsley. 




Mjadara: a  middle eastern dish that has rice, lentils, and carmelized onions.  As with most arabic dishes, a suggested serving option is to pair it with a spoonful or two of plain yogurt.  Also, tabbouli goes great as a side dish!




Tabbouli: a fresh middle eastern salad consisting of couscous, parsley, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  This side dish compliments almost any main dish and tastes great when served with a whopping spoonful of plain yogurt.




Finally I present Post 3 of 3 of my shellfish feast: oysters!  The heat from the barbeque grill steams the oysters and pops the shells open, while poaching the oyster inside.  The oysters turn out fantastic!




Post 2 of 3 from the shellfish feast: grilled clams!  A word of advice: since you'll already be firing up the grill; you might as well go ahead and grill oysters (post to be coming soon) and pineapple slices.  I find that the grilled pineapple goes well as a side dish for shellfish feasts.




This will be Post 1 of a shellfish feast that I was lucky enough to be a part of (oysters and clams to be posted soon!).  Read on for the mussels steamed in a butter-wine sauce recipe (with artisan bread for dipping too!)

as with a lot of grand discoveries; i made this pie by mistake.  i had a lot of food around that needed to be eaten; so i started putting things together and it slowly turned into a veggie pot pie with a thick top layer of cheese crust.  and believe me, the photos do not do this pie justice.  it is filling and absolutely delicious!