need a quick on-the-go snack?  whip up a big batch of this honey cinnamon granola and you're set!  when you're done preparing the granola, pre-package into ziplock baggies to take with you anywhere.  i made this batch with raisins.

coconut coated cod.  need I say more?  add a squirt of lime to REALLY bring out the flavor.

i suppose bell peppers can be stuffed with a lot of different things.  this recipe calls for couscous.  next time, i'll definitely add more cheese!


tahini sauce


tahini sauce can be put on just about anything. i mean ANYTHING. i originally whipped up this sauce to dip my flaming hot cheetos in.  (flaming hot cheetos also taste good with everything.  next time you go camping, take your bag of marshmallows and flaming hot cheetos.  roast your marshmallows over an open fire, stick a couple of flaming hot cheetos in your mushy marshmallows, and enjoy the explosion of flavor.)  anyway, this time i used the tahini sauce to accompany sauteed eggplant.