hamburger stroganoff is a quick, easy, and delicious meal.  great for big crowds and family gatherings!  i know, the stroganoff doesn't look appetizing in the photo, but the photographs really don't do this meal justice.  it's gooooood.  have a little faith!


zucchini cakes


need an extremely simple appetizer that will be a hit?  look no further!  this zucchini cake recipe is amazing.  in fact, you should just go ahead and make a double batch!


fried rice


it was a simple epiphany: i can make my own fried rice! i had always thought fried rice was only perfect from chinese take-out. but since i've tried this, i now make fried rice to eat with everything.


corn fritters


these beauties are ridiculously easy to make.  you HAVE to try them at least once, seriously that's all it takes, then you're addicted.  i love the batter recipe in this one.  i'm trying to think of what else i could throw in the batter besides corn.  any suggestions?